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György Villa history

The history of human civilisation and wine production cannot be separated. Time is preserved in the vintage of a wine, in the memory of humans, and in the very existence of rocks. The ancient stones of György Villa have seen long-past cultures, the memories of the hard-working winegrowers, and the villa-builder's passion for life. It is well worth entering this marvellous building and bringing back the memory of our predecessors while sipping a glass of excellent wine. At the beginning of the 16th century, the settlement, where the Villa is standing today, was given to the Franciscan Order. At the beginning of the 1500s, the Franciscans built a cellar here and continued making and selling wines. During the Turkish occupation, the Franciscans fled. However, the vineyards still adorned the region which was called the cape of sweet morsels ("Sekerli lokva burum") at the time. 

The construction of György Villa, a symbol of the wealth of the region, began in 1827. The Villa went through several owners when finally, as a Christmas present for his girlfriend, a wine merchant named György Dőry rebuilt it in 1867 creating the form it has today. Several well-known figures of the end of the century visited the Villa as guests.
At the middle of the 20th century the György Villa became the property of the Horticultural Research Institute and in the end it was brought in 1982 by the legal predecessor of the company. In 1986 the Villa and the park was fully renovated.