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György Villa Etyek-Budai Chardonnay 2017

A light-green wine. Its inherent character is elegance, sprouting from the harmonious dance of acidity and taste, where neither strives to overshadow the other. This wine has a smooth, silky buoyancy, accompanied by some citrusy notes and a kind of mineral character. It is so alluring that the first sip incites you to take a second.

  • Dry
  • White
  • 12
  • Pasta, light fishfood
  • 10-12 °C
  • 6.2 g/l
Results this product received at International and national wine competitions!
Year Wine competition Vintage Results
2010 Challenge International du Vin, France 2009
2010 International Wine Challenge, London 2009
2010 Les Citadelles du Vin, France 2009
2010 X. Mundus Vini Internationale Weinakademie, Germany 2009
2010 XII. National Federation of Savings Wine Competition, Budapest 2009
2010 VinAgora, Budapest 2009
2017 International Wine Competition, London 2016